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Thursday, November 10, 2016

THE Irrelevant bastards...Why publishers should shut the hell up and listen...

Article after article, they all come back to the same conclusion, NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ARE IRRELEVANT! Truly, they are. So why are they so irrelevant? Let's look at the reasons why newspaper publishers are so irrelevant.

1) Ego. It is kind of sad, but yes it is true. If you are still in the newspaper business and your website looks like a joke, and you are laying off reporters and photographers, and your paper is floundering, then who are you to give advice? Seriously, if you can't run a news company, then who are you to tell the public your opinion? Here is some advice, fix your business before trying to repair the government!

2) Clueless at the top. While publishers might think they know what is going on, they don't.
3) Publishers want to be part of the upper elite. So many publishers believe that if they hold back stories, involving the elite, then the elite will become their buddy. Newsflash, not happening. Everyone knows that newspapers are dying. They are not going to take ads out with you. However, if publishers would stop sucking up, and maybe just stop sucking, in general, the newspaper market could become relevant again.
4) Publishers that invest time money and effort into the political process are stupid and owned. Funny how certain publishers will donate thousands to political candidates, (see Political Finance Reports), yet election after election, they quickly realize and forget that even though they gave money or ink to the candidates,  the candidates are not owned. The publishers with egos that think candidates can be bought for so little are the ones owned by their own ego.
Newsflash, maybe if you would have spent that money on your infrastructure or your employees, everyone wouldn't make fun of you.

So in conclusion, to the irrelevant bastards. The ego tripping, low self-esteem publishers that try so hard,  to be relevant. To the Publishers who swear they are Conservative, had every chance on the planet to back Donald Trump yet didn't*...I say this.  The reporters you let go that you thought were irrelevant, well they were what made your paper irrelevant. With them gone, now you are irrelevant.
*Please note, that this individual blogger did in fact in an effort of good reporting, fair and balanced, placed openly on his personal Facebook and Twitter that Trump was an unfair target. This blogger did put his ass on the line, on his own. For more information on that, you can see this story here on CNN...

For those who think this is just my opinion, here are a couple more articles that prove my point...

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