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Friday, January 13, 2017

Mayor Rogero and the possible Catch-22 she has created with the Amusement Tax!

It appears Mayor Rogero might have placed herself in a catch 22. According to the highly respected, award winning, ass kicking, no fear, Betty Bean, of the Shopper News. Journalist Betty Bean   writes the following. "But Mayor Madeline Rogero politely informed the local lawmakers that what she wants most from Nashville is for the state to stay out of the city’s business."

So OK, if the Mayor wants the State to stay out of the City of Knoxville's business, then in all fairness, it is only fair that the City of Knoxville, stay out of the State of Tennessee's business. Most notably the unfair, antiquated and outdated City of Knoxville amusement tax.

For those that don't know what the amusement tax is, check out this information right here!

For those that don't know the City places an outdated tax on certain University of Tennessee sporting events. In the past, it made sense.
The University used the City of Knoxville's bus and trolley service. Now the University has their own.
In the past, the University used Knoxville Police Department. Now they have their own Police Department.

The City also no longer maintains a number of roads within and surrounding the University! The University took over that element.

Also, the City capitalizes greatly from astronomical parking prices at City of Knoxville owned garages.

So, if the Mayor wants the State to stay out of the City of Knoxville's business, it completely opens the door for lawmakers to grant her wish and BY HAVING THE STATE GET OUT OF THE CITY BUSINESS OF CHARGING AN OUTDATED, EXCESSIVE, UNNECCASSARY, City of Knoxville Amusement Tax, at University of Tennessee Games!
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