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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to the THE 58th PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION

With the upcoming Presidental Inauguration, I have decided to create a blog post on how to have the coolest Inauguration Day ever! So we will start out with a morning Presidental  Daily Briefing with open source information. The following websites are the real deal! Deep open source geopolitical open source information!
The following links are modeled after the "The President's Daily Briefing."

Official United States Government Daily Sources of Threat Assessment.
Department of Homeland Security Open Source Daily Briefing.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Daily Situation Reporting as well as a score of other fantastic information.
Travel Warnings from State Department.
United Nations Daily Report.
The Daily Threat Brief is an open source intelligence report modeled after the concept of the President’s Daily Brief (PDB).Every day the analysts of Cognitio succinctly provide insights into global risk and security issues in ways that can reduce your personal and business risks and inform your strategic decision making.To ensure you never miss a report sign up for the Threat Brief above.

Daily Briefing Page from Global Secur. For your worldwide travel needs.

For a really cool Global Security Map visit Pinkerton

Here are some other global incident maps in case you want to create a "Situation Room" in your home.

United States House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Map
Cyber Security Map

I have included a map to give the reader an idea of what these maps look like

====================These are not daily briefings but they are geopolitical websites


Good global information. Also, offer in-depth paid service. Above is a direct link to the free service.

Another great free/paid intelligence report.

Good information site.

 If you are a technology nut like me, then you might want to grab a pair of Google Cardboard certified VR goggles. The event will be broadcast in 360 panorama view. Also, make sure you download the app in advance!

For a more in-depth look at the technology behind the event visit

For those that are looking to really get into the moment, you still have time. 
Amazon has everything from POTUS flags to Presidental Seals that are rugs! With Prime shipping you should be good.

For history buffs that want to get into spirit of the day, Ebay is a great tool.

After the swearing in ceremony, comes the lunch 

I'm thinking Red Lobster

After the lunch comes the traditional passing of the etched glass

For those that have a bar or like glassware that is fancy and has the Presidential Seal

Weather at this time is not looking good!
Monitor local and regional weather websites for up to date information. See the #ISS over Washington on Thu Jan 19, 5:59 AM #SpotTheStation via @NASA,region=DC,city=Washington
For those in Knox County, Tennessee

See the #ISS over Knoxville on Fri Jan 20, 6:41 AM #SpotTheStation via @NASA,region=Tennessee,city=Knoxville

Next, for police scanner radio traffic, download 12 pages of the most comprehensive guide you will find anywhere

However, with all the protests that may or may not happen, keep an eye on social media.

For live streams online visit

Safety Concerns

For those wondering how safe it is around The White House?
To quickly monitor Twitter for any breaking hashtags

For those that wish to monitor the air traffic

Finally, for the best way to end the night, I personally recommend attending the Chili Supper Celebration. It is the must go to event of the night! In fact, in order to strengthen the promotion of this event, in cooperation with we have created a forwarding url that is easy to remember and will lead the readers right back to this page. Simply visit

That is right my fellow readers, this party is going to be so awesome that we decided to dig deep and get an awesome domain  name (truth is it cost me 88 cents!)

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